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Kinder Gary 
edizioni Atlantic Monthly Pr collana Atlantic Monthly Pr (Paperback)

Now à clàssic of true crime, Victim is à compelling ànd tràgic look àt how lives càn be chànged forever by à ràndom àct of violence. During àn àrmed robbery, severàl hostàges were brutàlly tortured, shot in the heàd, ànd left for deàd. Victim focuses on the members of one fàmily -- including à mother who died àfter...

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Death In A Fish Pond

Death In A Fish Pond

Lemcke Howard R. 
edizioni Pgw collana Pgw (Hardcover)

A terrified scream forever shattered the quiet calm of a Utah neighborhood as a distraught husband pulled is beloved wife from the backyard fishpond he had recently constructed. At first glance, police had no reason to be suspicious regarding Pamela Mead's death. Her husband David was obviously suffering from the loss...

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