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Kid Blink Beats The World

Kid Blink Beats The World

Brown Don 
edizioni Henry Holt & Co collana Henry Holt & Co (School And Library)

"It was all for a penny.They left their cramped and crowded tenement apartments for a penny.They scurried beside the pushcart peddlers for a penny.They dodged street trolleys and horse drawn wagons for a penny.And in the summer of 1899, Kid Blink, Race Track Higgins, Tiny Tim, Crutch Morris, and Crazy Arborn battled...

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The Great Moon Hoax

The Great Moon Hoax

Krensky Stephen  Bisaillon Josee (ILT) 
edizioni Lerner Pub Group collana Lerner Pub Group (School And Library) , 2011

Two newsboys in 1830s New York sell copies of the New York Sun reporting that a powerful telescope has found exotic animals and structures on the moon. Based on a true story.

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