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Paint by Number

Paint by Number

Bird William L. 
edizioni Chronicle Books Llc collana Chronicle Books Llc (Paperback) , 2001

What is the fascination of paint by numbers? Is it the intoxicating and compulsive act of filling in small pools of color? Or the easy thrill of creating your own impressionist masterpiece? Or a fond nostalgic yearning for a craze that cut across national boundaries and age groups? Invented in 1951 by Dan Robbins-based...

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More O'ekaki

More O'ekaki

Nishio Tetsuya 
edizioni Vertical Inc collana Vertical Inc (Paperback)

In this much-awaited collection, O'Ekaki (Paint by Numbers) inventor and international puzzle master Tetsuya Nishio shows us the best of 10 years' worth of logic puzzle that has charmed the entire world. Catch a glimpse of the life's work of on of the most prolific puzzle makers ever, and prepare to become addicted!

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