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The Ultimate Fit or Fat

The Ultimate Fit or Fat

Bailey Covert 
edizioni Houghton Mifflin Harcourt collana Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Paperback)

With more than three million copies of previous editions in print, this classic exercise manual has shown Americans from all walks of life the route from fatness to fitness. Now Covert Bailey has totally rewritten and revised FIT OR FAT for the first time since the book's original publication in the mid-1970s. His...

€ 12,00
Fitness Illustrated

Fitness Illustrated

Sharkey Brian 
edizioni Human Kinetics collana Human Kinetics (Paperback)

Sharkey, a fitness researcher, retired educator at the U. of Montana, and author, offers a guide that uses illustrations, charts, and graphs to show how different types of exercise and activity work and how the body changes with increased activity, along with providing specific exercises and programs. He outlines aerobic...

€ 22,20
Absolute Body Power

Absolute Body Power

Harris Alan  Peck Peter Field (PHT) 
edizioni Random House Inc collana Random House Inc (Paperback)

The only workout that combines the best elements of all the newest fitness trends.With weight-consciousness rising every day, Americans are turning to a variety of new trends to stay trim and healthy. Everyone has a different idea about what type of exercise is best for your health and fitness. Some swear by Pilates...

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