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The Grain of Wheat

The Grain of Wheat

Balthasar Hans Urs von  Leiva-Merikakis Erasmo (TRN) 
edizioni Ignatius Pr collana Ignatius Pr (Paperback) , 1995

€ 11,60
The Brahms Notebooks

The Brahms Notebooks

Brahms Johannes (COM)  Krebs Carl (EDT)  Eisenberger Agnes (TRN)  Brahms Johannes (EDT) 
edizioni Pendragon Pr collana Pendragon Pr (Paperback)

When Brahms was about twenty years old, he began to copy into the notebook he always carried, long or short passages he had read and wished to keep. This practice belongs to an old tradition followed by Erasmus, Ben Jonson, and John Milton, to mention but three examples. Four of Brahms' notebooks have been preserved....

€ 42,60