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Shipwrecks of Massachusetts Bay

Shipwrecks of Massachusetts Bay

Hall Thomas 
edizioni History Pr collana History Pr (Paperback)

Massachusetts Bay stretches along the rocky coast and dangerously sandy shoals from Cape Ann to Cape Cod and gives the Bay State its distinctive shape and the Atlantic Ocean one of its largest graveyards. Author and longtime diver Thomas Hall guides us through the history of eight dreadful wrecks as we navigate around...

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Coffin Ship

Coffin Ship

Henry Willie 
edizioni Dufour Editions collana (Paperback)

The famine drove huge numbers of Irish people to leave the island. In 1847, some 200,000 people sailed for Boston alone. Of this group, 2,000 never made it to their destination, killed by disease and hunger during the voyages. This book tells the tale of the sinking of the famine ship, the St John in Boston Bay in...

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