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The Sensory Hand

The Sensory Hand

Mountcastle Vernon B. 
edizioni Harvard Univ Pr collana Harvard Univ Pr (Hardcover)

The hand is an organ of considerable capability. With it we feel, point, and reach, we determine the texture and shape of objects we palpate, we emit and receive signs of approval, compassion, condolence, and encouragement, and, on a different register, rejection, threat, dislike, antagonism, and attack.Vernon Mountcastle...

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Between Skins

Between Skins

Diamond Nicola 
edizioni Blackwell Pub collana Blackwell Pub (Hardcover)

Between Skins challenges individualistic accounts of the body in psychoanalysis. Drawing on philosophy, contemporary neurobiology and developmental research, Nicola Diamond explores the ways in which bodily processes and skin experience are inseparable from the field of language and environmental context.The first...

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