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Sri Daya Mata  Mata Daya 
edizioni Self Realization Fellowship Pub collana Self Realization Fellowship Pub (Paperback)

€ 6,50
Awaken Your Divine Intuition

Awaken Your Divine Intuition

Shumsky Susan 
edizioni New Page Books collana New Page Books (Paperback) , 2016

€ 14,80
Teen Psychic

Teen Psychic

Johnson Julie Tallard 
edizioni Bindu Books collana Bindu Books (Paperback) , 2003

Teaches teens to develop and use their intuitive powers. Includes quizzes, meditations, journal entries, popular quotes, and fun exercises to introduce teens to their intuitive powers. Combines both contemporary and ancient stories of spiritual and intuitive empowerment. By the author of The Thundering Years: Rituals...

€ 15,70