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Don't Waste Your Sports

Don't Waste Your Sports

Mahaney C. J. 
edizioni Crossway Books collana Crossway Books (Paperback), 2010

“Pastor athlete” C. J. Mahaney exhorts athletes not to waste their sports. This booklet looks to Scripture for principles that speak to the role of sports in our lives. 

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Spirituality of Sport

Spirituality of Sport

Saint Sing Susan 
edizioni Franciscan Media collana Franciscan Media (Paperback)

€ 7,40
Sport And Spirituality

Sport And Spirituality

Parry Jim  Robinson Simon  Watson Nick J.  Nesti Mark 
edizioni Taylor & Francis collana Taylor & Francis (Hardcover)

Sport science can quantify many aspects of human performance but the spiritual dimensions of sports experience cannot be fully understood through measurement. However, the spiritual experience of sport – be it described as ‘flow’, ‘transcendence’ or the discovery of meaning and value – is central both to our basic...

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