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USB Mass Storage

USB Mass Storage

Axelson Jan 
edizioni Lakeview Research collana Lakeview Research (Paperback), 2006

This developer's guide for designers and programmers of mass-storage devices that use the Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface provides developers with information on how to choose storage media, interface the media to a microcontroller or other CPU, and write device firmware to access the media and perform USB communications....

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WiMedia UWB

WiMedia UWB

Heidari Ghobad 
edizioni John Wiley & Sons Inc collana John Wiley & Sons Inc (Hardcover), 2008

UWB (ultra-wideband) has been investigated for many decades but only recently has it become commercially viable. With the advent of WiMedia UWB technology and its associated standard specifications, the stage is set for the next generation of WPAN applications to take root. WiMedia UWB  focuses on the ECMA-368...

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