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How to Plan an Elegant Second Wedding

How to Plan an Elegant Second Wedding

Dubin Julie Weingarden 
edizioni Three Rivers Pr collana Three Rivers Pr (Paperback), 2002

Lucky you—you got a second chance at real love! And now you're ready to celebrate that love with a wedding. But if you're like many second-wedding couples, you have questions about appropriateness, etiquette, and planning. Not to worry. How to Plan an Elegant Second Wedding answers all your questions and takes you...

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Ex-Etiquette for Weddings

Ex-Etiquette for Weddings

Blackstone-Ford Jann  Jupe Sharyl 
edizioni Chicago Review Pr collana Chicago Review Pr (Paperback), 2007

Encore brides and couples with divorced parents will find helpful and suitable advice in this sophisticated, up-to-date wedding guide and etiquette primer. Jann Blackstone-Ford, a certified divorce and stepfamily mediator, and Sharyl Jupe, her husband's first wife, know firsthand how to make a blended family wedding...

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