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Girl on a Motorcycle

Girl on a Motorcycle

Novesky Amy  Morstad Julie (ILT) 
edizioni Viking Childrens Books collana Viking Childrens Books (School And Library)

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The Women's Guide to Motorcycling

The Women's Guide to Motorcycling

Lahman Lynda 
edizioni Lumina Media collana Lumina Media (Paperback)

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€ 22,30
Bike Lust

Bike Lust

Joans Barbara 
edizioni Univ of Wisconsin Pr collana Univ of Wisconsin Pr (Paperback)

Joans (anthropology, Merritt College, Oakland, California) offers an account of her own motorbike riding experiences while examining the elaborate rules, rituals, and rites of passage in the biker culture, particularly as they relate to women, both as individual riders and riders on the back of men's bikes. Includes...

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