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Institutional Ethnography As Practice

Institutional Ethnography As Practice

Smith Dorothy E. (EDT) 
edizioni Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc collana Rowman & Littlefield Pub Inc (Paperback)

Ràther thàn providing à mànuàl on "doing" institutionàl ethnogràphy, Smith (emerità, sociology ànd equity studies in educàtion, U. of Toronto) emphàsizes the field's commitment to discovering how things àctuàlly àre beyond methodologicàl dogmà. Contributors to 11 chàpters màp everydày world experience às dàtà for discovering...

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Ethnographic Practice in the Present

Ethnographic Practice in the Present

Melhuus Marit (EDT)  Mitchell Jon P. (EDT)  Wulff Helena (EDT) 
edizioni Berghahn Books collana Berghahn Books (Hardcover) , 2009

Melhuus (social anthropology, U. of Oslo, Norway) et al. assemble 11 chapters drawn from two workshops, "Ethnographic Practice in the Present" and "Ethnography: The Costs of Success?" held at the eighth biennial conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists in Vienna, Austria, in 2004. The workshops...

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