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The Power of Divine Eros

The Power of Divine Eros

Almaas A. H.  Johnson Karen 
edizioni Shambhala Pubns collana Shambhala Pubns (Paperback), 2013

An innovative spiritual teacher shows how to use desire and passion as a gateway to realizing our full potential.What do desire and passion have to do with the spiritual life? They are an essential component of it, according to A. H. Almaas and Karen Johnson. Most spiritual teachings take the position that desire,...

€ 17,60
Inexhaustible Mystery

Inexhaustible Mystery

Almaas A. H. 
edizioni Shambhala Pubns collana Shambhala Pubns (Paperback), 2011

From one perspective, we can see ourselves merely as human beings struggling in a crowded and chaotic world of suffering. This book opens our eyes to a different reality, one that turns our familiar world inside out. We need only explore—with curiosity and love—our true potential as human beings in order to discover...

€ 21,30
The Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach

Almaas A. H.  Davis John 
edizioni Shambhala Pubns collana Shambhala Pubns (Paperback), 1999

The Diamond Approach has been developed and taught over the last twenty-five years by Hameed Ali (known chiefly by his pen name, A. H. Almaas), who is widely recognized as a leader in the integration of spirituality and psychology. This is the first book to introduce the complete spectrum of his teachings to a general...

€ 23,10