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Emotional Intelligence (CD Audiobook)

Emotional Intelligence (CD Audiobook)

Goleman Daniel  Whitener Barrett (NRT) 
edizioni Macmillan Audio collana Macmillan Audio (CD/Spoken Word), 2005

Features a new introduction read by Daniel Goleman and a bonus dialogue between the author and Jon Kabat-Zinn.It is the tenth anniversary since the first publication of Daniel Goleman's groundbreaking bestseller, Emotional Intelligence which maps the territory where IQ meets EQ, where we apply what we know to how we...

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Destructive Emotions

Destructive Emotions

Goleman Daniel  Davidson Richard J. (CON)  Ekman Paul (CON)  Greenberg Mark (CON)  Flanagan Owen (CON)  Ricard Matthieu (CON) 
edizioni Bantam Dell Pub Group collana Bantam Dell Pub Group (Paperback), 2004

*Why do seemingly rational, intelligent people commit acts of cruelty and violence?*What are the root causes of destructive behavior?*How can we control the emotions that drive these impulses?*Can we learn to live at peace with ourselves and others?Imagine sitting with the Dalai Lama in his private meeting room with...

€ 20,40
Destructive Emotions (CD Audiobook)

Destructive Emotions (CD Audiobook)

Goleman Daniel  Dalai Lama XIV 
edizioni St Martins Pr collana St Martins Pr (CD/Spoken Word), 2003

The bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence offers a front-row seat at a groundbreaking meeting between the Dalai Lama and some of the foremost scientists and philosophers in the world. Imagine sitting with the Dalai Lama in his private meeting room with a small group of world-class scientists and philosophers....

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