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The Copyright Zone

The Copyright Zone

Greenberg Edward C.  Reznicki Jack 
edizioni Focal Pr collana Focal Pr (Paperback) , 2015

If you license or publish images, this guide is as indispensable as your camera. It provides specific information on the legal rights of photographers, illustrators, artists, covering intellectual property, copyright, and business concerns in an easy-to-read, accessible manner. The Copyright Zone, Second Edition covers:...

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Photographer's Survival Manual

Photographer's Survival Manual

Greenberg Edward C.  Reznicki Jack  Gallaugher Frank (EDT) 
edizioni Sterling Pub Co Inc collana Sterling Pub Co Inc (Paperback)

"tàlent ànd pàssion àre only pàrt of being à successful photogràpher---understànding your rights ànd how to protect your imàges is the essentiàl other pàrt. Buy this book---you need it!"---Kàtrin Eismànn, Chàir, MPS Digitàl Photogràphy Depàrtment, School of Visuàl àrtsIf you license or publish your imàges, this guide...

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