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Hesse Hermann 
edizioni Pocket Classics collana Pocket Classics (Paperback)

This allegorical novel, set in sixth-century India around the time of the Buddha, follows a young man on his search for enlightenment.THIS ENRICHED CLASSIC EDITION INCLUDES: A concise introduction that gives the reader important background information A chronology of the author's life and work A timeline...

€ 5,50
Siddhartha / The Dhammapada

Siddhartha / The Dhammapada

Hesse Hermann  Rosner Hilda (TRN)  Buddha  Babbitt Irving (TRN) 
edizioni New Directions collana New Directions (Paperback)

Written in a prose of almost biblical simplicity and beauty, Siddhartha is the story of a soul's long quest for the answer to the enigma of man's role on earth. As a youth, the young Indian Siddhartha meets the Buddha but isn't content with the disciple's role. He must work out his own destiny--a torturous road on...

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Hesse Hermann  Cross David (NRT) 
edizioni Cherry Hill Pub collana Cherry Hill Pub (CD/Spoken Word) , 2012

In Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse conveys a very profound message for all those who seek meaning in their lives. Though set in India, the concerns of Siddhartha are universal, expressing Hesse's general interest in the conflict between mind, body, and spirit. It is a story of a Brahmin boy who follows his heart and ventures...

€ 17,60