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Journeys in Time

Journeys in Time

Leacock Elspeth  Buckley Susan Washburn  Prato Rodica (ILT) 
edizioni Baker & Taylor collana (School And Library)

Americans have always been a people on the move. Journeys in Time maps twenty journeys that have shaped our national past. These are stories of change ? of pilgrims and pioneers, soldiers and children, explorers and adventurers building new lives and finding new worlds. From a cabin boy who sailed with Columbus to...

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Places in Time

Places in Time

Leacock Elspeth  Buckley Susan  Jones Randy (ILT) 
edizioni Houghton Mifflin Harcourt collana Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (School And Library) , 2001

Visit the places of America's past, the places where real people led their lives and made American history. Places in Time takes readers to twenty sites that have shaped our national story. Each stopping point is a birds-eye view of a moment in time: Hear the Great Sun call out to his people at Cahokia, ride with General...

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