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Under One Roof

Under One Roof

Martin Barry  Lerman Philip 
edizioni St Martins Pr collana St Martins Pr (Hardcover)

Sometimes people aren’t who you think they are. Everyone knew what was going on in Ballard, Washington: Developers were building a giant shopping mall, but a house belonging to a feisty octogenarian named Edith Macefield was in the way. They offered her a million dollars. She told them to take a hike. Everyone knew...

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Under One Roof

Under One Roof

Martin Barry  Lerman Philip (CON) 
edizioni Thorndike Pr collana Thorndike Pr (Hardcover)

Details the extraordinary friendship between an old woman who refused to sell her home to make way for a commercial development in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and the construction supervisor who, erecting the shopping mall around her little house, helped her through the last days of her life. (biography & autobiography).

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