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The Social Thought of Erving Goffman

The Social Thought of Erving Goffman

Jacobsen Michael Hviid  Kristiansen Soren 
edizioni Sage Pubns collana Sage Pubns (Paperback)

One of the most prominent social thinkers in post-war sociology, Goffman’s work continues to influence scholars in various fields and has also attracted many readers outside conventional academia. He inspired the theory-building of later generations of sociologists and social theorists as well as numerous empirical...

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Encountering the Everyday

Encountering the Everyday

Jacobsen Michael Hviid 
edizioni Palgrave Macmillan collana Palgrave Macmillan (Hardcover)

Everyday life is the most important dimension of society. Introducing classical and contemporary theory alongside key empirical work, this is a comprehensive exploration of everyday life sociologies. Written by leading experts in the field, each chapter makes concepts from Existentialism to Semiotics accessible for...

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