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Exceptional State

Exceptional State

Dawson Ashley (EDT)  Schueller Malini Johar (EDT) 
edizioni Duke Univ Pr collana Duke Univ Pr (Paperback) , 2007

Exceptional State analyzes the nexus of culture and contemporary manifestations of U.S. imperialism. The contributors, established and emerging cultural studies scholars, define culture broadly to include a range of media, literature, and political discourse. They do not posit September 11, 2001 as the beginning of...

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Global Cities Of The South

Global Cities Of The South

Dawson Ashley (EDT)  Edwards Brent Hayes (EDT) 
edizioni Duke Univ Pr collana Duke Univ Pr (Paperback)

For the first time in history, over 50 percent of human beings live in cities. Perhaps more surprising is that cities in the developed world have been eclipsed in size and growth by the megacities of the underdeveloped world—the “global South.” As primary sites for human consumption of natural resources and for pollution...

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