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George Orwell

George Orwell

Orwell George  Davison Peter (EDT) 
edizioni Liveright Pub Corp collana Liveright Pub Corp (Hardcover), 2013

From his school days to his tragic early death, George Orwell, who never wrote an autobiography, chronicled the dramatic events of his turbulent life in a profusion of powerful letters. Indeed, one of the twentieth century’s most revered icons was a lively, prolific correspondent who developed in rich, nuanced dispatches...

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Orwell George  Davison Peter (EDT)  Hitchens Christopher (INT) 
edizioni Liveright Pub Corp collana Liveright Pub Corp (Hardcover), 2012

This groundbreaking volume,never before published in the United States, at last introduces the interiorlife of George Orwell, the writer who defined twentieth-century politicalthought. Written as individual books throughout his career, the elevensurviving diaries collected here record Orwell's youthful travels among...

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