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Painting in Acrylic Workshop

Painting in Acrylic Workshop

Hammond Lee 
edizioni F & W Media Inc collana F & W Media Inc (Hardcover) , 2011

Follow along with Lee Hammond, and learn to paint in acrylics the easy way with a detailed, step-by-step dog portrait. You'll learn everything you need to know start painting right away, including various techniques for applying paint, which colors to use and how to achieve realistic results. You'll pick up great methods...

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Lee Hammond's Lifelike Drawing

Lee Hammond's Lifelike Drawing

Hammond Lee (ART) 
edizioni F & W Media Inc collana F & W Media Inc (Hardcover) , 2010

In this video workshop, best-selling author and artist, Lee Hammond demonstrates techniques for achieving lifelike drawings no matter what your subject. Follow steps to draw a simple vase, furry dog, layered rose and textured pineapple as you learn Lee's special blending technique to achieve realistic drawings. 83...

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