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Mixed Methods Research

Mixed Methods Research

Hesse-Biber Sharlene Nagy 
edizioni Guilford Pubn collana Guilford Pubn (Paperback)

This accessibly written book is ideal for use in graduate courses or by practicing researchers and evaluators. The author puts the research problem at center stage, showing how mixed methods designs can fruitfully address different types of research questions. She illustrates the discussion with examples of mixed methods...

€ 43,10
Handbook of Emergent Methods

Handbook of Emergent Methods

Hesse-Biber Sharlene Nagy (EDT)  Leavy Patricia (EDT) 
edizioni Guilford Pubn collana Guilford Pubn (Paperback) , 2010

Social researchers increasingly find themselves looking beyond conventional methods to address complex research questions. This is the first book to comprehensively examine emergent qualitative and quantitative theories and methods across the social and behavioral sciences. Providing scholars and students with a way...

€ 69,50