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A Cry for Mercy

A Cry for Mercy

Nouwen Henri J. M.  Thollander Earl (ILT) 
edizioni Random House collana Random House (Paperback) , 2002

A reissue of one of Henri Nouwen's most powerful and most personal books: prayers that “reveal a fearful heart, a cry for mercy, rays of hope, the power of the Spirit, the needs of the world, and finally gratitude.” In his continuing search for a deeper understanding of the spiritual life, Henri Nouwen traveled twice...

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Seeds of Hope

Seeds of Hope

Nouwen Henri J. M. 
edizioni Random House Inc collana Random House Inc (Paperback)

The inspirational writings of Henri Nouwen have touched millions of readers all over the world. With his death in September 1996 there was a tremendous outpouring of tribute to him and clear recognition of the importance of his writings. Much beloved as a lecturer, author, and spiritual guide--he brought a message...

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