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Everything That Rises

Everything That Rises

Weschler Lawrence 
edizioni Pgw collana Pgw (Hardcover)

From a cuneiform tablet to a Chicago prison, from the depths of the cosmos to the text on our T-shirts, Lawrence Weschler finds strange connections wherever he looks. The farther one travels (through geography, through art, through science, through time), the more everything seems to converge — at least, it does if...

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The Bird That Swallowed Its Cage

The Bird That Swallowed Its Cage

Murch Walter (ADP)  Weschler Lawrence (AFT) 
edizioni Pgw collana Pgw (Hardcover) , 2012

Walter Murch first came across Curzio Malaparte’s writings in a chance encounter in a French book about cosmology, where one of Malaparte’s stories was retold to illustrate a point about conditions shortly after the creation of the universe. Murch was so taken by the strange, utterly captivating imagery he went to...

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