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The O2 Diet

The O2 Diet

Glassman Keri  Mahoney Sarah 
edizioni St Martins Pr collana St Martins Pr (Hardcover), 2009

Kick-start weight loss and boost beauty with an easy 4-day cleanse and a delicious 4-week antioxidant-based program from CBS's The Early Show nutrition contributor In The O2 Diet, nutritionist Keri Glassman translates cutting-edge science into an easy-to-do program that will leave dieters energetic, healthy, and beautiful—...

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Slim Calm Sexy Diet

Slim Calm Sexy Diet

Glassman Keri  Mahoney Sarah (CON) 
edizioni St Martins Pr collana St Martins Pr (Paperback), 2012

In this second installment of the Slim Calm Sexy series from Women's Health, nutrition expert KeriGlassman empowers readers to take control of their forks and focus on a revolutionary new way of eating— one that will help them lose weight, conquer stress, and look and feel their best every day. Using cutting-edge research...

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