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Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering

Sinclair Ian  Self Douglas  Nathan Julian  Duncan Ben 
edizioni Butterworth-Heinemann , 2008

The Newnes Know It All Series takes the best of what our authors have written to create hard-working desk references that will be an engineer's first port of call for key information, design techniques and rules of thumb. Guaranteed not to gather dust on a shelf!Part I Fundamentals of Sound Chapter 1 Audio Principles...

€ 58,80
Practical Electronics Handbook

Practical Electronics Handbook

Sinclair Ian Robertson  Dunton John 
edizioni Butterworth-Heinemann , 2007

Ian Sinclair's Practical Electronics Handbook combines a wealth useful day-to-day electronics information, concise explanations and practical guidance in this essential companion to anyone involved in electronics design and construction. The compact collection of key data, fundamental principles and circuit design...

€ 45,90