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Fossil Fungi

Fossil Fungi

Taylor Thomas N.  Krings Michael  Taylor Edith L. 
edizioni Academic Pr collana Academic Pr (Hardcover)

Fungi are ubiquitous in the world and responsible for driving the evolution and governing the sustainability of ecosystems now and in the past. Fossil Fungi is the first encyclopedic book devoted exclusively to fossil fungi and their activities through geologic time. The book begins with the historical context of research...

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Taylor Thomas N.  Taylor Edith L.  Krings Michael 
edizioni Academic Pr

This book provides up-to-date coverage of fossil plants from Precambrian life to flowering plants, including fungi and algae. It begins with a discussion of geologic time, how organisms are preserved in the rock record, and how organisms are studied and interpreted and takes the student through all the relevant uses...

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