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Idealized Design

Idealized Design

Ackoff Russell Lincoln  Magidson Jason  Addison Herbert J. 
edizioni Ft Pr collana Ft Pr (Paperback) , 2006

What's the best way to drive fundamental, transformative change within your organization? Envision your ideal solution: then, work backwards to where you are. It's called idealized design, and -- as executives in hundreds of organizations will testify -- it's one of the most powerful techniques you'll ever use. Authored...

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Management F-laws

Management F-laws

Ackoff Russell L.  Addison Herbert J.  Bibb Sally 
edizioni Lightning Source Inc collana Lightning Source Inc (Paperback) , 2007

Presents a collection of more than 80 of business guru, Russell Ackoff's management f-laws: the uncomfortable truths about how organizations really work, what's wrong with the way we design and manage businesses, what makes managers tick... and how we can make things work better.

€ 31,90