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Peace, Power, Righteousness

Peace, Power, Righteousness

Alfred Taiaiake 
edizioni Oxford University Press collana Oxford Univ Pr (Paperback), 2009

This visionary manifesto, first published in 1999, has significantly improved our understanding of First Nations' issues. Taiaiake Alfred calls for the indigenous peoples of North America to move beyond their 500-year history of pain, loss, and colonization, and move forward to the reality of self-determination. A...

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Alfred Taiaiake  Alfred Gerald R. 
edizioni Univ of Toronto Pr Higher education collana Univ of Toronto Pr Higher education (Paperback), 2005

A member of the Mohawk Nation, Alfred (Indigenous Governance Programs, U. of Victoria), examines the journey taken by indigenous people who have overcome their colonial identities and restored their lives, individually and collectively, to live as Onkwehonwe, as "original people." Wasáse--the Kanienkeha (Mohawk) word...

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