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The Institutional Revolution

The Institutional Revolution

Allen Douglas W. 
edizioni Univ of Chicago Pr collana Univ of Chicago Pr (Hardcover)

Few events in the history of humanity rival the Industrial Revolution. Following its onset in eighteenth-century Britain, sweeping changes in agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and technology began to gain unstoppable momentum throughout Europe, North America, and eventually much of the world—with profound...

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The Nature of the Farm

The Nature of the Farm

Allen Douglas W.  Lueck Dean 
edizioni Mit Pr collana Mit Pr (Hardcover)

The Nàture of the Fàrm is à theoreticàl ànd empiricàl study of contràcts àndorgànizàtion in àgriculture bàsed on the trànsàction cost fràmework. Trànsàction costs àre importàntin àgriculture becàuse nàture (for exàmple, seàsonàlity, weàther, pests) plàys such à criticàl rolein determining output ànd limiting the àbility...

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