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The Tsathoggua Cycle

The Tsathoggua Cycle

Ambuehl James  Anderson James  Dale Terry  Glasby John S.  Hall Loay  Heather Rod  Hilger Ron  Myers Gary  Sargent Stanley C.  Smith Clark Ashton  Vester Henry J. III  Price Robert M. (EDT) 
edizioni Chaosium collana Chaosium (Paperback)

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Hardboiled Cthulhu

Hardboiled Cthulhu

Ambuehl James (EDT) 
edizioni Independent Pub Group collana Independent Pub Group (Paperback)

Hard-hitting and hard-edged, these stories take Lovecraftian Mythos to places where only the toughest P.I.s, gangsters, and creatures dwell. Venturing into the urban sprawl and the dark places of the world, this anthology of more than 20 tales blends the hardboiled genre with the Lovecraftian.

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