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Animal Contests

Animal Contests

Hardy Ian C. W. (EDT)  Briffa Mark (EDT)  Parker Geoff A. (FRW)  Baird Troy A. (CON)  Batchelor Tim P. (CON) 
edizioni Cambridge Univ Pr

€ 49,80
Lizard Social Behavior

Lizard Social Behavior

Fox Stanley F.  McCoy J. Kelly  Baird Troy A.  Fox Stanley F. (EDT)  McCoy Kelly (EDT)  Baird Troy A. (EDT) 
edizioni Johns Hopkins Univ Pr collana Johns Hopkins Univ Pr (Hardcover)

Lizards exhibit, in a form that is simpler to isolate and study, many of the same traits of higher vertebrates. For this reason, zoologists have long chosen lizards as model systems to address questions that are central to ecological and evolutionary theory. This books brings together many of the most active researchers...

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