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Engineered Biomimicry

Engineered Biomimicry

Lakhtakia Akhlesh (EDT)  Martin-palma Raul Jose (EDT)  Bartl Michael H. (CON)  Barrett Steven F. (CON)  Barthelat Francois (CON) 
edizioni Elsevier Science Ltd collana Elsevier Science Ltd (Hardcover)

Engineered Biomimicry covers a broad range of research topics in the emerging discipline of biomimicry. Biologically inspired science and technology, using the principles of math and physics, has led to the development of products as ubiquitous as Velcro™ (modeled after the spiny hooks on plant seeds and fruits). Readers...

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Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials

Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials

Prorok Barton C. (EDT)  Barthelat Francois (EDT)  Korach Chad S. (EDT)  Grande-allen K. Jane (EDT)  Lipke Elizabeth (EDT) 
edizioni Springer Verlag collana Springer Verlag (Hardcover)

Mechànics of Biologicàl Systems ànd Màteriàls, Volume 5: Proceedings of the 2012 ànnuàl Conference on Experimentàl ànd àpplied Mechànics represents one of seven volumes of technicàl pàpers presented àt the Society for Experimentàl Mechànics SEM 12th Internàtionàl Congress & Exposition on Experimentàl ànd àpplied Mechànics,...

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