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Seed Genomics

Seed Genomics

Becraft Philip W. (EDT) 
edizioni Blackwell Pub, 2013

This up-to-date review of seed genomics, from basic seed biology to practical applications in crop science, provides a thorough background understanding of seed biology from a basic science perspective. A valuable resource for advanced graduate students, post-docs, researchers and professionals in the Plant and Crop...

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Plant Transposable Elements

Plant Transposable Elements

Peterson Thomas (EDT)  Avigne Wayne T. (CON)  Becraft Philip W. (CON)  Chaparro Cristian (CON)  Collins Joseph (CON) 
edizioni Springer Verlag collana Springer Verlag (Hardcover), 2013

Transposable elements have played a major role in shaping plant genome structure and gene expression. Transposons not only drive sequence expansion, induce mutations and generate chromosome rearrangements, they also help to shape the epigenetic topology of the eukaryotic genome. In Plant Transposable Elements: Methods...

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