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Peripheral and Cerebrovascular Intervention

Peripheral and Cerebrovascular Intervention

Bhatt Deepak L. (EDT) 
edizioni Humana Pr Inc collana Humana Pr Inc (Hardcover) , 2011

Peripheral and Cerebrovascular Intervention draws upon experts from diverse fields to provide readers with a comprehensive foundation for understanding and performing endovascular procedures—from the basic steps to the most current and advanced techniques. Individual chapters focus on primary intervention sites, including...

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Atherothrombosis in Clinical Practice

Atherothrombosis in Clinical Practice

Bhatt Deepak L. M.D. (EDT) 
edizioni Oxford University Press collana Oxford Univ Pr (Paperback)

Atherothrombosis refers to the coupling of atherosclerosis and thrombosis, and it is the leading cause of the majority of preventable deaths in the modern world. The medical, economic, social, and societal consequences or atherothrombosis are enormous, which make it a dynamic area for development of new pharmacologic...

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