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Blank David  Griffin Michael (EDT)  Sorabji Richard (EDT) 
edizioni Bloomsbury USA Academic , 2018

This is the final part of the translation in this series of Ammonius' commentary on Aristotle On Interpretation. This is the only commentary written out and published by Ammonius, teacher of the philosophers Philoponus, Simplicius, Asclepius and Olympiodorus. Ammonius based his commentary on the lectures of Proclus,...

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Ammonius + Boethius: on Aristotle on Interpretation 9

Ammonius + Boethius: on Aristotle on Interpretation 9

Blank David L.  Kretzmann Norman 
edizioni Bloomsbury USA Academic collana Bloomsbury USA Academic (Paperback) , 2014

This book is about determinisism. It contains the two most important commentaries on the determinists' sea battle argument, and on other deterministic arguments besides. It includes the earliest full exposition of the Reaper argument for determinism, and a discussion of whether there can be changeless knowledge of...

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