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Animal Contests

Animal Contests

Hardy Ian C. W. (EDT)  Briffa Mark (EDT)  Parker Geoff A. (FRW)  Baird Troy A. (CON)  Batchelor Tim P. (CON) 
edizioni Cambridge Univ Pr

€ 48,90
Animal Signaling and Function

Animal Signaling and Function

Irschick Duncan J. (EDT)  Briffa Mark (EDT)  Podos Jeffrey (EDT) 
edizioni Blackwell Pub collana Blackwell Pub (Hardcover)

The diversity of animal signals has been widely documented, and the generality of animal signals also tantalizingly suggests that there are common mechanisms that have selected for their origin. However, while much progress has been made on some fronts, we still lack a general theory about why the diversity of signaling...

€ 114,80