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A Primer of Conservation Genetics

A Primer of Conservation Genetics

Frankham Richard  Ballou J. D.  Briscoe David A.  McInnes Karina H. (ILT) 
edizioni Cambridge Univ Pr collana (Paperback)

Intended for those with a limited background in genetic studies, this concise, entry-level text in conservation genetics is presented in a user-friendly format, with main points clearly highlighted. Solved problems are provided throughout to help illustrate key equations, although a basic knowledge of Mendelian genetics...

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Introduction to Conservation Genetics

Introduction to Conservation Genetics

Frankham Richard  Ballou Jonathan D.  Briscoe David A. 
edizioni Cambridge Univ Pr , 2010

This impressive author team brings the wealth of advances in conservation genetics into the new edition of this introductory text, including new chapters on Population Genomics and Genetic Issues in Introduced and Invasive Species. They continue the strong learning features for students - main points in the margin,...

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