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The Face of the Earth

The Face of the Earth

Campbell Sueellen  Hunt Alex  Kerridge Richard  Lynch Tom  Wohl Ellen 
edizioni Univ of California Pr

This lively book sweeps across dramatic and varied terrains--volcanoes and glaciers, billabongs and canyons, prairies and rain forests--to explore how humans have made sense of our planet's marvelous landscapes. In a rich weave of scientific, cultural, and personal stories, The Face of the Earth examines mirages and...

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Even Mountains Vanish

Even Mountains Vanish

Campbell Sueellen 
edizioni Univ of Utah Pr collana Univ of Utah Pr (Paperback)

"The Earth is old. Nothing lasts. All life is kin. Different eyes perceive different worlds, and much remains hidden. Ours is an age of extinctions; ours are the hands of the destroyers. Grief and beauty are knotted together. Curiosity and imagination are fundamental human forces. So are fear and hatred, passion and...

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