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Swimming, Swimming

Swimming, Swimming

Clement Gary 
edizioni Groundwood Books collana Groundwood Books (Hardcover), 2015

Drawing on his own memories of the best days of summer in the city, Gary Clement brings us an illustrated version of the beloved classic Swimming, swimming in a swimming pool,” full of fun and humor. The illustrations show a young boy and his friends spending a carefree day at the neighborhood pool. We see them walk...

€ 18,40
The Great Poochini

The Great Poochini

Clement Gary  Clement Gary (ILT) 
edizioni Pgw collana Pgw (Paperback), 2010

By day Signor Poochini is a dog, lying peacefully in his master's living room and listening to music. But by night he is the Great Poochini, the most acclaimed singer in all opera ? dog opera that is. One evening, when Poochini is ready to leave home and the opera hall is filling with dogs excitedly awaiting his performance,...

€ 7,60