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The Wiseguy Cookbook

The Wiseguy Cookbook

Hill Henry  Davis Priscilla  Pileggi Nick (FRW) 
edizioni Berkley Pub Group collana Berkley Pub Group (Paperback)

Recipes to make even the toughest tough guy beg for more…   Mom's Antipasto • Sunday Gravy (Meat Sauce) • Cheater's Chicken Stock • Striped Bass for Paulie • Fat Larry's Pizza Dough • Henry's Kickback Antipasti Hero • Sicilian Easter Bread with Colored Eggs • Clams Casino • Osso Buco • Oven Penitentiary Sauce...

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Amaki Amalia K.  Davis Priscilla N. 
edizioni Arcadia Pub collana Arcadia Pub (Paperback)

In the 1960s, Tuscaloosa drew national attention when the University of Alabama was fully integrated. The decade also marked the arrival of Paul "Bear" Bryant as head coach of Alabama's football team and the majority of Frank Anthony Rose's tenure as president--a period characterized by race mediation and increases...

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