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Rick Owens

Rick Owens

Owens Rick  Furniss Jo-Ann  Davis Vaginal  Bonami Francesco  Zahm Olivier 
edizioni Random House Inc collana Random House Inc (Hardcover)

This luxurious large-format book documents the work of the American designer Rick Owens, a transformational figure in contemporary fashion.      Defiantly antifashion, Rick Owens's honest and intensely personal approach to craft has ironically produced some of the most sublime fashion of the last two decades, propelling...

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Dead Flowers

Dead Flowers

Gangitano Lia (EDT)  Indiana Gary  Hegarty Antony  Morton Max G.  Labruce Bruce  Davis Vaginal  Myles Eileen  Halter Ed 
edizioni Vox Populi/Participant Pr collana Vox Populi/Participant Pr (Paperback) , 2011

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