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Love and Gymnastics

Love and Gymnastics

De Amicis Edmondo  Chapman David (TRN)  Calvino Italo (FRW) 
edizioni Hesperus Pr , 2011

Mr. Celzani finds himself consumingly in love with an Amazonian gymnast with whom he shares an apartment block. The machinations of their fellow inhabitants notwithstanding, he finds his romantic efforts repeatedly thwarted by his beloved's single-minded focus on her rigorous physical discipline. Through the intertwining...

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De Amicis Edmondo  Eco Umberto (FRW)  Biseo Cesare (CON) 
edizioni Alma Books collana Alma Books (Paperback)

A remarkable 19th-century account of Constantinople that expertly combines personal anecdote, breathtaking visual observation, and entertaining historical information Edmondo de Amicis's brilliant look into an integral facet of world history begins with a dazzling description of the city gradually appearing through...

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De Amicis Edmondo 
edizioni Peter Owen Ltd collana Peter Owen Ltd (Paperback)

Representing the Huckleberry Finn of Italy, this is the most read classic in the country. Presented in the form of a diary, its subject is a young boy's life in Turin following Unification in 1870. The narrator, Enrico, writes vividly of school life and the bustling city of vegetable-sellers, chimney sweeps, and carpenters...

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Memories of London / An Excursion to the Poor Districts of London

Memories of London / An Excursion to the Poor Districts of London

De Amicis Edmondo  Simonin Louis Laurent  Parkin Stephen (TRN)  Elgar Adam (TRN) 
edizioni Trafalgar Square collana Trafalgar Square (Hardcover)

The first English translation, presented with pictures and a piece by De Amicis's contemporary Louis Laurent SimoninAs a first-time visitor to London, De Amicis was awestruck by the bustle and magnificence of the Victorian metropolis and wrote a number of sketches in his trademark witty, observational style, which...

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€ 15,10