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The Libertine

The Libertine

Delon Michel (EDT)  Yalom Marilyn (FRW)  Goodman John (TRN) 
edizioni Abbeville Pr collana Abbeville Pr (Hardcover)

A delightfully illustrated literary anthology that explores the fantasies, seductions, and intrigues of the eighteenth-century French loverThis sumptuous volume presents more than eighty selections from eighteenth-century French literature, each concerning some facet of the game of love as practiced by the libertine,...

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Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment

Delon Michel (EDT)  Stewart Philip (TRN) 
edizioni Routledge collana Routledge (Hardcover)

Although this two-volume reference to the Enlightenment retains the francocentrism of traditional studies, it also embraces as much of Europe as possible, stressing similarities and differences in various countries as well as the networks that linked people of learning throughout Europe and beyond. The contributing...

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