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Roman Splendour, English Arcadia

Roman Splendour, English Arcadia

Jervis Simon Swynfen  Dodd Dudley 
edizioni Tauris Academic Studies collana Tauris Academic Studies (Hardcover)

At Stourhead in Wiltshire, the Palladian mansion contains an extraordinary Roman cabinet glittering with gilt-bronze mounts, semi-precious stones and elaborate architectural ornament. Its façade conceals over 125 more-or-less secret drawers. The cabinet was brought to Stourhead in 1740 by Henry Hoare 'the Magnificent',...

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The Greek Body

The Greek Body

Jenkins Ian  Turner Victoria  Hubbard Dudley (PHT)  Dodd Stephen (PHT) 
edizioni J Paul Getty Museum Pubns collana J Paul Getty Museum Pubns (Hardcover) , 2010

More than any other ancient civilization, the Greeks placed the human body at the center of their culture. To them, the sculpted human figure was both an object of sensory delight and an expression of an intelligent mind. In the modern popular imagination, mention of the ancient Greeks is likely to conjure up an image...

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