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Integrative Manual Therapy for Biomechanics

Integrative Manual Therapy for Biomechanics

Giammatteo Sharon  Giammatteo Thomas (EDT) 
edizioni North Atlantic Books collana North Atlantic Books (Hardcover)

Integrative Manual Therapy uses soft tissue work and joint mobilization. People suffering from pain and disability have significantly regained health through this innovative therapy. This comprehensive manual addresses all phases of assessment and intervention for biomechanical dysfunction. It features inventories...

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Reflection Therapy

Reflection Therapy

Giammatteo Sharon  Giammatteo Thomas 
edizioni Random House Inc collana Random House Inc (Paperback)

Reflection therapy is an easily learned meditative process, a straightforward relaxation technique, and a method for changing behavior. Based on the authors' studies in psychotherapy and body-mind healing, reflection therapy incorporates Tibetan Buddhist mantra visualization, chakra vitalization, homeopathy, and aromatherapy....

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