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The Samaritan's Dilemma

The Samaritan's Dilemma

Gibson Clark C. (EDT)  Andersson Krister  Ostrom Elinor  Shivakumar Sujai 
edizioni Oxford Univ Pr on Demand collana Oxford Univ Pr on Demand (Paperback)

What's wrong with foreign aid? Many policymakers, aid practitioners, and scholars have called into question its ability to increase economic growth, alleviate poverty, or promote social development. At the macro level, only tenuous links between development aid and improved living conditions have been found. At the...

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People and Forests

People and Forests

Gibson Clark C. (EDT)  McKean Margaret A. (EDT)  Ostrom Elinor (EDT)  Gibson Clark C. 
edizioni Mit Pr collana Mit Pr (Paperback)

Unplanned deforestation, which is occurring at unsustainable rates in many parts of the world, can cause significant hardships for rural communities by destroying critical stocks of fuel, fodder, food, and building materials. It can also have profound regional and global...

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