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Becoming Brilliant

Becoming Brilliant

Golinkoff Roberta Michnick Ph.D.  Hirsh-Pasek Kathy Ph.D. 
edizioni Apa Life Tools collana Apa Life Tools (Paperback), 2016

This book uses science to find out how people learn in order to suggest a new way to equip our children with the tools they need to become collaborative, creative, competent, and responsible citizens. When the LEGO Ideas Conference convened, there were 300 like-minded people gathered to start an educational movement....

€ 23,90
How Babies Talk

How Babies Talk

Golinkoff Roberta Michnick  Hirsh-Pasek Kathy 
edizioni Plume collana Plume (Paperback), 2000

An informative look at the human language learning process explains how babies master language during their first three years of life and presents simple tests to measure a child's progress or identify potential problems in their development. Reprint.

€ 14,80